Monday, January 14, 2019

Offshore outsourcing for SMEs

Thanks to offshore cooperation, significant cost savings can be realized for ERP developments. No wonder that ERP applications are most often outsourced in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Now even small and medium-sized companies can profit from it!

Offshore outsourcing for SMEs

When expensive software development with scarce domestic capacity is required, more and more companies are choosing to outsource their software development to low-cost countries with excellent software engineer resources. This is especially true for expensive ERP / SAP applications, integrated e-commerce and e-business applications, web pages and corporate portals. As the prices in Switzerland, Germany and Austria are very high for SAP developments, the potential savings from offshore outsourcing are particularly attractive here. Many offshore companies today offer services with European quality standards, German-language project management and customer service. It is essential that now even small and medium-sized companies can benefit from the offshore software development.

Dr. Franz Beeler & Partner is a distribution partner of the Indian PALNAR TRANSMEDIA and enables small and medium-sized companies as well as start-up companies to use offshore software outsourcing. PALNAR TRANSMEDIA is a medium-sized software company in Trivandrum, southern India, and has been developing software products for well-known German, Dutch, Austrian and Swiss customers in various programming languages ​​and areas such as C ++, Java, Visual Basic, Delphi, SAP R / 3, SAP ABAP / for eight years. 4, CAD / CAM etc.

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