Monday, January 14, 2019

Offshore Software Development: Outsourcing as a cost brake

Software development is considered time-consuming and expensive. Investing in demanding applications is only worthwhile with a correspondingly large number of users. A factor that rarely applies to self-development, even among large companies and corporations. Sustainability also plays an important role here, as every software change also causes costs. Existing databases and workflows usually have to be adapted to a high degree of complexity, and then there are still expenses for employee training.

Offshore Software Development

Tailored Software Development - Outsourcing a Key Factor

Instead of in-house software development, companies prefer to rely on established application packages, apps and online services. However, there are also many scenarios where you can not avoid your own software development, if only to improve the functionality of existing solutions.

Extensions for business software and web applications are a classic application for tailor-made software development. Outsourcing plays its key strengths here: flexibility, purchasable expertise and manageable project costs. The bar of software types for which it is unlikely that you have to hire your own developer is: plug-ins for office applications, SAP software or a Magento webshop, JAVA-based control applications for your own hardware or a scientific study analysis tool. Software development outsourcing is usually the better approach here than to employ your own programmers in a time-consuming and costly manner. But even larger projects are now increasingly using outsourcing. Right at the forefront here are the areas of web development and programming of mobile apps. For software types for which certain standards have prevailed and have a modular structure, it is easy to find a suitably qualified provider.

Cheap Software Development - Outsourcing from India

The location independence that is usually given when outsourcing software development enables German clients in particular to enjoy considerable cost advantages. The development can be made in many areas easily by low-cost offshore providers. Germany is well positioned in the IT sector as one of the leading industrial nations. As far as programming languages ​​and application development are concerned, so-called developing and emerging countries have long since taken on an important position. This is especially true of India, where thousands of global providers offer IT outsourcing services.

Did you know that India's share of the global IT outsourcing market is already over 55%? The country has been the undisputed market leader in this field for many years and the strongly international networked Indian IT industry now employs more than three million people. A large part of them work in multinational corporations or international projects.

So, when you consider outsourcing to India for software development, you are in good company and do not have to reinvent the wheel.

Example PHP developer

If you hire a German PHP professional as a freelancer, you can expect something from 65 Euro hourly wage. If you hand in the same job to an equally well-qualified Indian PHP developer, it costs around 20 euros an hour, which is less than a third. With such drastic cost differences, a large buffer will offset any additional costs for coordination and other imponderables. As a rule, software projects in India can be realized much cheaper.

A strong partner for top results

If you want to outsource in software development, we can help you out professionally with outsourcing4work. Whether you're looking for a PHP software developer for customized front-end / client environments, app developers or embedded Linux software experts. We have many years of experience providing Indian IT specialists and can easily find the most suitable partner for you. However, we do not leave them alone with pure mediation, we also take care of an efficient and high-quality implementation. The contracts can be concluded conveniently with us as a German company. And our own SCRUM project managers specializing in IT outsourcing then take care of the optimal communication of all persons involved in the project.

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